RZJ Android HHU for read/write DLMS meters
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RZJ Android HHU for read/write DLMS meters
Hand held unit(HHU) for reading/writing meters is a convenient field tool for electrical power company staffs.

Our Android HHU support both DLMS and DL-T645 protocol meters.

It can be used to read/write/operate meters through a buntch of configuration files.  Adding support for new meters can be a configuration work only.

It uses a USB/Bluetooth optical probe to communicate with meters. It can also make use of a USB/RS485 converter to communicate with meter through its RS485 ports.

Data read from meters are buffered in local database while they can be export to Excel or send back to HES(Head end system) directly through WIFI/GPRS/3G/4G networks.

Except for daily/monthly/profile data reading and parameterizing meters, a sophisticated diagnosis function can carry out in-depth analysis on meter status.

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